Dictionary of Call Center Terms

June 1, 2009 at 5:33 pm (Call Center life, Dial up) (, )

I am a Customer Service Representative. That is the pretty title for call center person. A lot of people don’t understand why I like my job, and I assume that if the management, quality of training, and flexibility was anything like most call centers, I would hate my job. But I love it. Sure, there are days I really just want to go home, but who doesn’t deal with that?

For your entertaining pleasure, I have decided to share some call center moments with you. In addition to providing Internet services, my call center is designed for the extreme necessity of guiding technologically-challenged computer users to navigate through the tedious process of setting up a dial up connection or tech support. Here is the Dictionary of Call Center terms, important keywords and phrases I have learned as a CSR:

Big Blue E. (n.) This is what you click on twice really fast to bring up webpages. Also known as, Internet Explorer icon.

Box. (n.) Any given piece of computer hardware. The big box on the floor is the tower, the little box could be  a modem, a router, or something that has nothing to do with the computer.

Computer-Saavy. (adj.) A measurement of technological skill. Typically after the word “not” to describe the obvious.

Extension. (n.) Any number given to you by a csr, regardless of how long the number is or what he or she said it was for. Are known to never work, and it is the call center’s fault.

Foxfire. (n.) The other browser. Other common names are, Firefox, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Internet. (n.) Anything pertaining to the world wide web. Ex: “My Internet broke.” or, “I would like to buy the Internet.”

Mobile phone. (n.) Could mean a cell phone. Or possibly a cordless phone. Either way, dial up is expected to connect while using this device.

Little Pictures with words under it. (n.) Aka, icons. You click on them twice.

Main Screen, or Main Picture.  (n.) Also known as desktop. The page that you see when all the other windows are closed.

Microsoft. (n.) A perfectly logical answer to “What version of Windows do you have on your computer?”

Right click. (v.) To left click repeatedly and never get the expected result.

Thingy.  (n.) Anything and everything for which you don’t know the word.

TV.  (n.) Another name for computer.

Write “click”. (n.) A possible reaction to the command over to the phone to right-click.

Ah… good times.


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